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20 Great Reads for Easter

Here are 20 Easter books that you will love sharing with your younger children. I have included some popular characters; Clifford, Peppa Pig and Mr. Men, some of our family favourites and some Easter books which are popular with students in my school library. Enjoy!!

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Laura Hughes (2016)

Join the Rabbit siblings as they set off on an exciting lift-the-flap Easter egg hunt. With ten eggs to find and count, it’s great fun. But watch out for the obstacles along the way – lambs, chicks, bees and ducks – and there’s even a wolfish surprise, so do take care.  Reminiscent of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” this book is a favourite in our house, we read it all year round. My daughter loves hunting for the eggs and spotting the wolf…

Easter Croc by Roger Priddy (2018)

The Easter Bunny has done her rounds and Crocodile has been missed out again! He asks the other animals, but they aren’t going to give him their eggs, so he stomps off to find the Easter Bunny. But where is she? Hiding, of course!  Easter Croc learns the importance of manners in this fun pop-up book.

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt (2018)

It’s springtime, and Grandpa Pig has set up an Easter egg hunt for Peppa Pig and her friends! Join Peppa, Rebecca Rabbit, and Freddy Fox as they search for delicious chocolate eggs and even see baby chicks hatching in the yard! Small children will love joining in the Easter Egg hunt with Peppa!

If I were the Easter Bunny by Louise Gardner (2019)

A little rabbit dreams of being the Easter Bunny; hiding lots and lots of Easter eggs all over the meadow, having tea parties, making Easter bonnets and leading the way in the Easter Parade.

Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory by Elys Dolan (2017)

Go behind the scenes of Mr Bunny’s chocolate factory! Created by the same author/illustrator of my son’s favourite book of all time Weasels, this book is sure to please!

Here Comes Easter

Here Comes Easter! by Caroline Jayne Church (2010)

This delightful book has an Easter egg to find and something special to touch and feel on every spread.

My Easter Egg Hunt by Rosie Smith & Bruce Whatley (2013)

Hunting for eggs is fun… when you share with everyone. Beautifully illustrated with delightful animals, My Easter Egg Hunt captures the fun of looking for eggs at Easter time.

Clifford’s Happy Easter by Norman Bridwell (2011)

Clifford loves to help Emily Elizabeth, but his big red paws break eggs instead of painting them. Luckily, Clifford helps Emily another way–in her dreams! A bucket of Easter-egg dye creates the most colorful Clifford adventure yet, and gets Emily ready for an unforgettable holiday. Fans of Clifford will love this Easter adventure!

Aussie Easter Hat Parade by Colin Buchanan & Simon Williams

Hey! Ho! What a show! Look at what we made! As we go marching round and round. In the Easter Hat Parade! Sing along with the included CD!

Easter Egg Express by Susannah McFarlane & Caroline Keys (2014)

Ellie and Eric are expert Easter bilbies in charge of all the Easter egg deliveries. Join them and their friends as they energetically hide eggs for everyone to find!

The Easter Bunny’s Helpers by Anne Mangan & Tamsin Ainslie (2013)

The Easter Bunny needs help delivering the Easter eggs this year and who better to help him than some Australian animals?  This lovely story has a distinctly Australian feel, that you will love!

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett (2010)

It’s Spring! Time for the rabbits to decorate eggs for the Easter Rabbit. This year Hoppi is old enough to join in, and if he can just make the winning egg, he will be the one to help the Easter Rabbit on Easter morning. But Hoppi hasn’t decided what kind of egg to make. And as he hops along and sees one fantastic egg after another, he begins to wonder how he can compete. Hoppi goes into the woods to think about his egg, and just when he figures out that he only has to make the best egg he can, his plans take a most unexpected turn. A favourite every year in my library.

The Easter Bunny Comes to Victoria

The Easter Bunny comes to Victoria by Robert Dunn & Lily Jacobs (2016)

Follow the Easter Bunny as he hides eggs all over Victoria, with a final stop at your house! Children love following the Easter Bunny around familiar landmarks in Victoria!

Easter Bunny on the Loose! by Wendy Wax (2013)

The Easter Bunny can’t wait to hippity-hop his way to deliver all the Easter eggs this year! The only problem is… there are no eggs! Some-bunny has taken the Easter Bunny’s golden egg, and without the golden egg, Easter is on HOLD. Can you sort through all of the possible suspects hopping about Easterville and find the culprit who stole the golden egg? Be quick as a hare time is running out! Lots of fun in this Where’s Wally style Look and Find book.

How to catch the Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton (2017)

The Easter Bunny has a basket full of treats-and tricks for staying hidden! Will this be the Easter you catch the bunny in action? 

Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt by Roger Hargreaves (2018)

Mr Impossible is organising an Easter egg hunt for all the Mr Men and Little Miss and he is hiding the eggs in the most impossible places … Some are so high that only Mr Tall can find them and some so low and cleverly hidden that Mr Small will need to be called. But it is Mr Nobody who manages to find the most difficult egg of all – the invisible egg! Packed with Easter fun from beginning to end!

Grug and his first Easter by Ted Prior (2019)

Grug is back! One warm sunny day, Grug discovers that Easter is on its way. Then he is visited by a mysterious creature, who leaves treats of special eggs for Grug to find.Grug decides to hide some eggs in the forest for his bush friends to find – and delivers a special egg for a special friend. Will he ever find out who the mysterious creature is?

Tiny the Easter Bunny (2019)

It’s Easter morning, and Tiny is out for a jog, but he stops in his tracks when he discovers the Easter Bunny is stuck in a log! With the Easter Bunny trapped, it’s up to Tiny to save Easter! But being a bunny isn’t as easy as it looks, especially for an elephant. In this fun and playful story, find out how Tiny uses his own special talents to save Easter!

The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever by Katy Hudson & Dawn Casey (2019)

On a warm spring day, in the tall green grass, a little gray rabbit was sniffing the air. It was Easter Day. It was . . . egg-hunt time! The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Katy Hudson features a kind Rabbit, who spends his morning helping friends with their wonderful Easter eggs. But can Rabbit find the most special egg of all? This beautiful book is also a favourite at our house, it leaves you with a nice fuzzy feeling.

Where’s the Easter Bunny: Around the World by Louis Shea (2018)

Follow the Easter Bunny through amazing, out-of-this-world places like Monster Marsh, Lollipop Lane and the Mars Mine. Each world has a unique list of extra funny things to find, including monster trucks, jogging runner beans, flying pigs, marshmallow men, golden goose eggs, fire-breathing dragons and much, much more! Another great Look and Find book your kids are sure to love!

Looking for a fun Easter craft activity to do with your little ones? Why not try this cute paper plate easter bunny bag.


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