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6 Science Fiction Books for Young Adults

My genre of choice lately is science fiction. Almost everything I choose to read is pure science fiction or at least has a sci-fi twist. Here are 6 of the best science fiction books for young adults that I have read recently.

Lifel1k3 (Lifelike) : LIFEL1K3 - Jay Kristoff

Lifel1k3 (Lifelike) by Jay Kristoff

“On an island junkyard beneath a sky that glows with radiation, a deadly secret lies buried in the scrap. Seventeen-year-old Eve isn’t looking for trouble-she’s too busy looking over her shoulder. The robot gladiator she spent months building has been reduced to a smoking wreck, she’s on the local gangster’s wanted list, and the only thing keeping her grandpa alive is the money she just lost to the bookies. Worst of all, she’s discovered she can somehow destroy machines with the power of her mind, and a bunch of puritanical fanatics are building a coffin her size because of it. If she’s ever had a worse day, Eve can’t remember it.  The problem is, Eve has had a worse day-one that lingers in her nightmares and the cybernetic implant where her memories used to be. Her discovery of a handsome android named Ezekiel-called a “Lifelike” because they resemble humans–will bring her world crashing down and make her question whether her entire life is a lie.”

Lifel1k3 is a gritty post apocalyptic novel that leave you wanting more. It is full of twists and turns leaving you unsure of who to trust and what will happen next. I read this book in 3 nights and found it very hard to put down. The story stayed with me for weeks after and I can’t wait to read the second installment.

Impostors : From the bestselling author of the Uglies Series - Scott Westerfeld

Impostors by Scott Westerfield

“Frey was raised to take a bullet. She’s the body double for her twin sister Rafia – the precious heir of the first family of Shreve – and her existence is a closely guarded secret. So while Rafi was schooled in poise and diplomacy, Frey was drilled in weapons and combat. Her purpose: to protect her sister from their tyrannical father’s many enemies. When Frey is sent in Rafi’s place as collateral in a precarious business deal, she becomes the perfect impostor – as elegant and charming as her sister. But Col Palafox, the son of a rival leader, is getting close enough to spot the killer inside her. As layers of deceit peel away, can Frey become her own person, and risk everything in a rebellion?”

Imposters is another page turner by Scott Westerfield. This book is set in the world of the Uglies series and although it can be read as a stand alone novel, I think it would be best read after reading the Uglies series first. I absolutely love the Uglies series and I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in that world again. This book also features twists and turns that will keep you guessing and leaves you wanting more.

Whisper - Lynette Noni

Whisper by Lynette Noni

“For two years, six months, fourteen days, eleven hours and sixteen minutes… Subject Six-Eight-Four, ‘Jane Doe’, has been locked away and experimented on, without uttering a single word. Life at Lengard follows a strict, torturous routine that has never changed. Until now. When Jane is assigned a new-and unexpectedly kind-evaluator, her resolve begins to crack, despite her best efforts. As she uncovers the truth about Lengard’s mysterious ‘program’, Jane discovers that her own secret is at the heart of a sinister plot …. And one wrong move, one wrong word, could change the world.”

Written by an Australian author, this is one book you should not miss out on. It kept my attention from the very first page and I finished it in 2 nights. It is the first book in the series and I am eagerly awaiting book 2. The main character is strong yet completely vulnerable and is part of something much bigger than what is happening to herself. A fantastic read!

Eve of Man : Eve of Man Trilogy : Book 1 - Tom Fletcher

Eve of Man by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher

“Against all odds, she survived. The first girl born in fifty years. They called her Eve. The world had waited for her arrival with bated breath. She is the last girl on earth, and all her life Eve has been kept away from the opposite sex. Kept from the truth of her past. She’s the answer to their prayers, their final hope. But at sixteen it’s time for Eve to face her destiny. Three potential males have been selected for her. The future of the world is in her hands. She’s always accepted her fate. Eve is the saviour of humanity. Until she meets Bram. Eve wants control over her life. She wants freedom. I am Eve. How do you choose between love and the future of the human race?”

This book has a lot more to it than just a love story, it is dark and gritty and looks at the lengths humans will go to, to ensure the survival of our species. It is the first book in a new trilogy and I am looking forward to seeing what will happen next…

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe - Lauren James

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James

“Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met, never even spoken to – someone who is light years away? Romy Silvers is the only surviving crew-member of a spaceship travelling to a new planet, on a mission to establish a second home for humanity. Alone in space, she is the loneliest girl in the universe until she hears about a new ship which has launched from Earth – with a single passenger on board. A boy called J. Their only communication is via email – and due to the distance between them, their messages take months to transmit. And yet Romy finds herself falling in love. But what does Romy really know about J? And what do the mysterious messages which have started arriving from Earth really mean? Sometimes, there’s something worse than being alone… “

The first of two books in this list which is a stand alone novel. This book keeps you guessing from the start and has a surprising final twist. Once again it is much more than a romance.

Icarus Down - James Bow

Icarus Down by James Bow

“Earth’s survivors cling to life on an unforgiving distant planet, next to the sun!Three generations after the crash of the colony ship Icarus, Iapyx is barely hanging on: one of thirteen cities suspended halfway down deep chasms. The sun on the diamond lands above will kill a man in less than five minutes. The ticktock monsters in the fog forest below are a little slower — but quite a bit smarter. An electromagnetic wash has disabled the computers, the radios, even the light bulbs. It’s the steam and clockwork age reborn: a careful society, rationed and stratified.Which suits Simon Daud just fine.

Simon likes the rules, and knows his place — in the shadow of his older brother, Isaac. All he wants is to earn his wings as an ornithopter pilot and get to work in the flight bays. But on his final test flight, something goes wrong. Isaac is killed. Simon is burned; his body will never be the same. Neither will his world. Not everything in Iapyx is quite as it seems, and through his rehabilitation Simon falls into the middle of a conspiracy that will bring everything he’s ever known to the ground. Down in the fog forest, monsters await — but so does the truth . . . if Simon can survive long enough to find it.”

Thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Once again the plot twists keep you hooked and reading well past your bedtime. It makes you question human nature and brings up issues from humanities past. Well worth a read!

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