Counting down to Disneyland!

We now have only 12 weeks left until our family goes to Disneyland! We are so excited! So here are a few ways we are keeping track of how long we have until we leave.

Approximately 15 weeks ago I bought a letter board from Kmart. Each week I simply change the number. It’s a great reminder of how long we have to go and it makes a nice little ritual each Sunday morning. We will also use the letter board as a countdown to any major event or holiday, such as Christmas and birthdays.

Letter Board from Kmart

Now that we are past the 100 day mark, I made a colour in countdown calendar for the kids to colour in each day. They love it! It is a great visual for them and helps them to understand exactly how long we have left. They simply colour in one spot each day.

Disneyland Countdown Calendar

Another way we are counting down to our Disneyland trip is using the Disney Countdown app on my phone. I had a look at a few countdown apps but this was nice and simple, which was all we really wanted. The app displays the days, hours, minutes and seconds until our trip. The kids love checking exactly how long we have until we leave!

Disney Countdown App

Unfortunately this app is no longer available in the Google Play Store, but you may be able to find something similar for your countdown.

Another app that makes the wait a bit more fun and allows you to explore Disneyland before you leave is the Disneyland app. With the Disneyland app you can buy tickets, Maxpasses, Photopasses, book reservations and order food. But what we love about it at the moment, is the map of Disneyland and California Adventure. We cast the map on our TV and we can take a virtual tour of the parks. It’s great! It provides us with heaps of information like which rides will be suitable for our kids (ages 5 and 7) and where they are located. It also shows us the ride wait times, which yes we don’t need to know at the moment, but it allows us to prepare the kids for long waits, and talk about strategies we will use if there is a long wait.

Disneyland App

We also love watching vlogs about Disneyland and one of our favourite vloggers is Justin Scarred. His YouTube channel Randomland Adventures is lots of fun to watch and our kids love him. His nickname in our house is the funny man and as much as my son can’t wait to meet all the Disney characters, he would really love to run into the funny man at Disneyland. He even asked us if he could dress up as the funny man when we go. So cute!

Counting down to our Disneyland holiday has been lots of fun so far, and is just getting more exciting the closer we get!

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