Book Week 2019

Book Week Display 2019

This week I finished my Book Week display for this year’s theme “Reading is My Secret Power.” For this year’s display I did the more obvious superhero take on the theme, creating a city for my superheroes (students) to hang out in.

My display also doubles as a photo booth. During Book Week students will be able to step inside the display and have their photos taken. I then display the photos on the TV in the library. The students love seeing their photos and sharing them with their friends. The photos look fantastic when they are in their costumes for the Book Week Parade, and I will have a few capes on hand for the other days during the week. To show you the effect, here are my kids testing it out.

As you can see in the photo above the display is made up of two very large posters that I have suspended from the ceiling (no flat walls in my library) and the city in front is made from some thin craft wood which has been painted black, thick cardboard would work just as well. The windows are spine labels I printed yellow. So far the students have been loving the display and are starting to get excited about Book Week!

Shortlist Posters

An activity I do each year is to create posters for the Early Childhood Shortlist and the Picture Book Shortlist. Each week of Term 3 leading up to Book Week I read one or two of the books to the classes and then the week before the winners are announced, students will choose the book they would like to win by sticking a star in the box below their favourite book. It’s fun to compare student favourites versus the judges favourite and students love seeing what the other classes are voting for too.

Oh and a tip for making large posters, I use Block Posters. It is a free service to use and they look fantastic!

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