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Lego Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

One of my most favourite memories of Christmas as a child, was counting down the days to Christmas on the old fashioned cardboard advent calendars. The ones with the beautiful Christmas scene and the little perforated doors hiding a cute little Christmas picture. We would hang them in the window so the sunlight shone through. These advent calendars have been replaced almost entirely with the chocolate ones these days or the fairly expensive ones with toys or stationary inside.

I wanted to share the fun of counting down the days to Christmas with my children without them ‘getting’ something each day. So I started scanning Pinterest and the internet for ideas and I came across this Pin by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls and decided to have a go at making our own Christmas Tree Advent Calendar.

The idea behind our Lego Christmas Tree Advent Calendar is simply to decorate it with a Lego ‘bauble’ each day leading up to Christmas, finishing on Christmas Eve with a star on top.

As my goal was not to spend any money on the advent calendar, I went fishing through our Lego collection for as many brown and green pieces I could find. I wasn’t worried about size or shape, just colour.

The next step was to build a trunk. Using a 16 x 16 green plate as my base, I started constructing my trunk from brown Lego pieces. These pieces included a small arched door and some arched branch like pieces.

After the trunk was completed I moved onto the foliage. This took me 3 tries to get just right. I needed to make the levels high enough and wide enough to hold the decorations. As I have used a mixture of pieces there is no real pattern to this build, it will depend on what is in your Lego tub. This is how my tree turned out.

Tree completed, it was now time to decorate. I added a Lego Friends present and a crate filled with goodies beneath the tree, plus a red mail box full of letters to Santa. And of course we needed the man in red himself. As we don’t have a Lego Santa, I made one from Kai’s body and Sensei Wu’s head. I couldn’t find Sensei Wu’s beard so I made one from a cotton ball. Santa’s hat is made from felt, wool and a pom pom.

The final part of the build was of course the baubles. I made these from round bricks and nose cones with flower bricks on top. The blue star is really a snowflake, but still looks very pretty on top!

There are 23 baubles plus the star, 1 decoration for each day leading up to Christmas. I am really happy with how our tree turned out and the kids are loving it! They take it in turns to add a bauble to the tree. Tomorrow it will be Zoë’s turn! Here is a sneak peak of what it will look like on Christmas Day…

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