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Our Visit to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Our daughter Zoë (5) loves dressing up as princesses and fairies, so on our recent trip to Disneyland we just knew we had to visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a princess makeover. Even our son Max (7) joined in the fun becoming a knight for the day. They both had so much fun both during and after the makeovers. It really was a magical experience.

I must admit that I was a bit uncertain about the makeovers at first, as I had read lots of negative feedback on the internet, but there was also lots of positives, so I chose to go ahead with it anyway. Kids are only little for so long, you might as well make the most of it. I booked the experience 60 days prior to the appointment. I was so worried about missing out on the perfect time, which for us was 9.30 am. It gave us time to get up and get to the park without rushing and it gave the kids maximum time in their outfits.

As the princess makeovers are on the expensive side Zoë wore a Cinderella dress she had recieved (just for the occasion) for her birthday. From the moment she arrived at Disneyland in her Cinderella dress Zoë was made to feel special. Every cast member greeted her as a “Princess” and many had conversations with her about being a “Princess.” It was an amazing day. We even met a ‘real’ princess on our way into the park!

Max started the day as himself and although they both knew there was going to be a treat, and we had to be there early for an appointment, neither of them knew what was going to happen, so Max felt a little left out. That of course all changed when we arrived at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a Knight and Princess makeover. While Zoë was able to choose her hairstyle, Max was also able to choose from a knight t-shirt or full costume. He chose the t-shirt, and considering the temperature, I think he made the perfect choice. He also was able to choose a sword and shield! His day was now complete.

As Zoë already had her dress we chose The Crown Package for $74.95 plus tax (approx. $120 aud). This package included choice of hairstyle, make-up, face gem and nail polish, a cinch bag and sash. As Max did not have a costume we chose The Deluxe Knight Package for $79.95 plus tax (approx $125 aud). This package included hairstyling, knight costume and sword and shield.

After Max and Zoë had made their choices there was a small wait outside for our appointment to begin. On the arrival of our Fairy Godmother, the kids were ushered through to a dressing room where Max’s new attire awaited him and after a quick wardrobe change we then moved through to the salon.

Max was the first to be made-over, having his hair swept back and gelled in a very princely manner. The Fairy Godmother completed his look with dragon scales, before turning him round in front of the mirror for a very magical unveiling. I won’t ruin the surprise as it was such a fun moment and the kid’s loved it!

It was now Zoë’s turn. This made us all a little nervous as Zoë hates having her hair brushed. But she both Zoë and the Fairy Godmother did a fantastic job, and there were only a few tears while her hair was put into the high ponytail. Zoë chose a bun with a large bow at the back, which surprised me as I thought she would pick the tiara. But I am so happy she did, as the end result was perfect! The Fairy Godmother did Zoë’s make-up and nail polish and added a final touch of pixie dust on top, before adding a pink sash to her outfit. She also gave Zoë advice on how to pose like a princess. Zoë loved it! And then of course it was Zoë’s turn for her magical unveiling. It was too cute!

Zoë was given a lovely little Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique bag to keep in all her leftover make-up, nail polish and the brush and comb as well as a sample size clarifying shampoo. She was very proud of her little bag and carried it herself most of the day.

On leaving the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique we of course took lots of photos in front of the castle and near the Royal Theatre. We spent most of our day in and around Fantasyland, with a quick stop in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Most of my favourite photos are from this day. Here are just a few of them:

The whole experience was magical from start to finish and Max and Zoë had the most beautiful Fairy Godmother. We were so happy with the final results, they both looked gorgeous, it was worth every cent. They both received so much attention that day, from both cast members and visitors, that they really did feel very special. It was a lovely day and is one of my fondest memories from our holiday.

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All photos were taken by me, please ask my permission before using.

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