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Ikea Trofast: from 3 to 2 Compartments

The last few weeks I have been busily rearranging the kid’s playroom… again. This is my fourth try at getting it just right. We are pretty big fans of Ikea in our house and the playroom was bursting at the seams with it’s storage solutions. The Trofast and Kallax shelving have been fantastic for storing all the kid’s toys, books and LEGO, but I got to the point where I just needed something more, especially when it came to LEGO. So it was time unfortunately for the Trofast units to go. I was feeling a bit sad about this because there was nothing wrong with them and they are relatively new, so instead of selling them on we decided to downsize them, so they would fit in Max and Zoë’s wardrobes.

To downsize the Trofast unit my husband basically just cut off the third compartment and swapped the dividing panel with the end panel.

The first step was to dismantle the third compartment, removing the end panel and the top.

He then unscrewed and removed the dividing panel and kick board.

He then drew a guide line and cut the bottom to size.

He then measured and cut the kick board to size.

After also cutting the top to size he reattached it, before adding the end panel to its new position.

The end result looks fantastic! They look like they were always meant to be this size. The Trofast units now fit perfectly in Max and Zoë’s wardrobes.

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