Make Your Own Spoon Doll
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Spoon Dolls

Looking for a fun craft idea your kids will love? Why not make a spoon doll. They are super simple to make, lots of fun to play with and there are endless possibilities to create. My daughter Zoë (age 6) and I spent a very happy afternoon this weekend making our own spoon dolls. Here’s how we did it…


  • Spoon
  • Gel pens, felt tip pens and/or coloured pencils
  • PVA glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Wool
  • Fabric scraps
  • Colored/patterned paper
  • Ribbons
  • Beads, sequins or buttons
  • Pipe cleaner

You can choose to use some or all of the above supplies. This craft is a great way to use up any scraps you have lying around.

Step 1

Select your spoon. I chose a wooden spoon for my doll, as I liked the texture, but a plastic spoon would look great too!

Step 2

Create your hairstyle. I used three pieces of wool to create my doll’s hairdo. I practiced first to make sure it would work, then I applied PVA glue to the area. I wrapped the first piece of wool around the doll’s head to create a sideswept look. I plaited the next section and wrapped it around the doll’s head knotting it at the back. The last section I wrapped around my fingers to create a bun and glued it to the top of the head, using a peg to hold in place while drying.

Zoë did things a little differently to me, colouring her doll’s hair in with felt tip pens and adding wool plaits on each side of her head. She used double sided tape to attach her plaits.

Make Your Own Spoon Doll - Hair
Make Your Own Spoon Doll - Hair

Step 3

Make a face. Using gel pens or felt tip pens draw a face on your doll. The face can be as pretty, funny or crazy as you like. I drew my eyes and mouth with gel pens and added some rosy cheeks with coloured pencils.

Make Your Own Spoon Doll - Face

Step 4

Add some shoes. Would you like your doll to have some footwear? Now is the time to add them. I drew ballet shoes with gel pens. You could also use fabric, patterned paper or paint.

Make Your Own Spoon Doll - Shoes

Step 5

Let’s decorate. Finally it is time to dress your doll up! What will they wear? Who will they be? I chose to dress mine up as a ballerina. Be as creative as you would like with this step. I used fabric scraps to dress my doll, but you can also use patterned paper or even paint or draw your clothes on. Once your doll is dressed you might like to add some embellishments. I used ribbon, beads and a fabric flower.

Make Your Own Spoon Doll - Decorate

Step 6

The final touch. Last but not least twist a pipe cleaner around your doll’s torso to give them some arms.

And voila your doll is ready to play!

Make Your Own Spoon Doll

Here is Zoë’s finished doll! She looks amazing with her long plaits and happy face.

Make Your Own Spoon Doll

Zoë and I had so much fun making these cute little dolls together. We hope you will too!

Make Your Own Spoon Doll

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