9 Picture Books about the Coronavirus
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9 Picture Books about the Coronavirus

Here are 9 picture books about the coronavirus. Each of these beautiful books looks at the virus from a child’s perspective and are perfect for starting a conversation with your children.

If you would prefer a story that deals with the emotional impact of the virus, “Rain Before Rainbows” and “Simon and Rosie,” have an indirect approach to the virus, not mentioning it at all. They deal with the emotions surrounding the virus, including feelings of loneliness and sadness.

My kids and I really enjoyed “Staying Home.” It was just the right amount of information with a lovely story line about family life. All of the books are available in PDF or video format and can be accessed for free, just click on the links. I hope these books will provide you and your family some comfort during this time.


A Hero Too by Lara Villani and Cristina Rosato (PDF)

A children’s story for all the little heroes making a difference in this global pandemic by social distancing. 

What’s a Pamdemmy?’ Luna has questions to ask but will Mama understand how she is feeling?

Communicating with young children is not always easy. Our little ones often have ‘big’ feelings and it’s our job as parents and caregivers to make them feel comforted and understood. The social distancing measures in place due to Covid-19 have tremendously affected children’s lives where many are experiencing a complete shift in their routines. The sudden pause placed on schools and daycares, and adjustments to socializing with teachers and friends, is confusing for a child. Video chats with friends and family, lots of hand washing has become their new normal they adjust to new guidelines.

A Hero Too, was written in hopes that you can sit with your child and welcome little Luna’s story and her search for answers into your homes. A story that will help open the conversation about the pandemic, validate your child’s emotions, and make them feel that they are, ‘A Hero Too.’

From My Window: Children at Home During COVID-19

From My Window: Children at Home During COVID-19 by United Nations (PDF)

This United Nations book for young readers looks at the lives of housebound children during the coronavirus epidemic. Inspired by true events and people from around the world, From My Window shows children that we all have the same fears and that we can overcome them by being creative, and empathetic, and by staying positive and healthy. We will face other challenging situations in the future, and this book shows us that there are opportunities every day to love, learn, create, and connect, no matter the circumstances.

Bird Stays Home

Bird Stays Home by Linda Cartolano (Video)

“Bird Stays Home” is the story of a little bird struggling to understand the many feelings that can come along with being quarantined. Ultimately, Bird learns that it is okay to experience a wide range of emotions, and that sometimes, all you can do is get through one day at a time.

Coronavirus: A Book for Children by Professor Graham Medley and Axel Scheffler (PDF)

“Coronavirus: a book for children,” has been illustrated by Axel Scheffler (The Gruffalo) and has had expert input from Professor Graham Medley of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and a child psychologist. The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds:

• What is the coronavirus?
• How do you catch the coronavirus?
• What happens if you catch the coronavirus?
• Why are people worried about catching the coronavirus?
• Is there a cure for the coronavirus?
• Why are some places we normally go to closed?
• What can I do to help?
• What’s going to happen next?

This book is also available in video format read by Hugh Bonneville

Staying Home

Staying Home by Sally Nicholls and Viviane Schwarz

Staying Home is a picture book all about a family in lockdown. It’s illustrated by the fabulous Viviane Schwarz, and it’s available FREE to download on the Andersen Press website.


My Hero is You by IASC

A new story book that aims to help children understand and come to terms with COVID-19 has been produced by a collaboration of more than 50 organizations working in the humanitarian sector, including the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Save the Children.

With the help of a fantasy creature, Ario, “My Hero is You: How Kids Can Fight COVID-19!” explains how children can protect themselves, their families and friends from coronavirus and how to manage difficult emotions when confronted with a new and rapidly changing reality.

A Kid's Guide to Coronavirus

A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus by Rebecca Growe and Julia Martin and illustrated by Viviana Garofoli

Kids have a lot of questions about the coronavirus pandemic and all the new changes in their lives. This colorful picture book gives them the answers they’ve been looking for, explaining what the virus is, how it spreads, and what they can do to help, in gentle and simple language that even the youngest kids can follow. A Note to Parents and Caregivers offers strategies for helping your kids navigate anxiety they might be feeling around the pandemic.

Rain Before Rainbows

Rain Before Rainbows by Smriti Halls and David Litchfield

Walker Books has released Rain Before Rainbows by Smriti Halls and illustrated by David Litchfield as a free eBook to raise awareness for Save the Children’s Save with Stories campaign which is helping children most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The rainbow has become an incredible symbol of hope and optimism during this time and we hope that this uplifting story can be a source of comfort and light to children and families, and that it inspires anyone who is able to do so, to donate to the Save with Stories campaign.

Simon and Rosie by Lucy Moonen and Gillian Johnson

Simon and Rosie is a story set in the current context of COVID-19. It is a tale of friendship, loneliness, imagination and self-acceptance. Its setting is commonplace – the park near your home – yet what happens is magical. It was written by Watership Down author Richard Adams’ granddaughter Lucy Moonen, and illustrator Gillian Johnson, who has published over 35 books for children and adults.

Finally, here is one extra book that resonated with me and I hope it does with you. “What Happened When We All Stopped,” looks at the coronavirus’ impact on our natural world and asks us to decide what happens next…

What Happened When We All Stopped

What Happened When We All Stopped by Tom and Bee Rivett-Carnac

This is a book about what happens next.
It starts right now, today, as we are all locked away in our houses, looking out of our windows at the seasons changing.
It tells the story of how, in this moment of quiet and isolation, something that we had forgotten creeps in,
and we start remembering how to live on this planet.
The future is unwritten. What happens next is up to us
and this story is as likely as any other. We who are here now get to choose where we take the human story next.

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