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Egg Carton Pumpkin Garland

For Halloween this year the kids and I made this super easy pumpkin garland. It looks really cute hanging on our mantel.


  • Egg carton
  • Orange paint
  • Black marker or fine line pen
  • String
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Step 1

To create your pumpkin shapes cut down an egg carton into the egg cup shapes in the bottom of the carton. To do this we removed the lid, then cut the bottom in half and then into pieces. Finally we trimmed them into a nice round shape.

Step 2

Now it’s time to paint your little pumpkins. We chose to paint ours orange but you could have multicoloured pumpkins or whatever suits your theme.

Step 3

Once the paint has dried, draw some cute, funny or scary faces on your pumpkins using a black marker or fine line pen. We chose to make our faces the same on each pumpkin but you could mix it up with lots of different faces.

Egg Carton Pumpkin Garland

Step 4

Create your garland by threading the pumpkins onto a long piece of string, wool or ribbon. Measure the space you would like to hang your garland and add a little extra to create loops on each end of the string for easy hanging. We used a tapestry needle to thread our pumkins on the string. Push the needle through one side of the pumpkin near the top and then through the other side. Your pumpkins will then slide down the string and you can continue to add all your pumpkins.

If you have a larger space to fill why not make more pumpkins from a second egg carton. The more the merrier!

Egg Carton Pumpkin Garland

Now it’s time to put your pumpkins on display. We loved how our little pumpkins turned out! Such a quick and easy craft to add a little fun to your Halloween.

Egg Carton Pumpkin Garland
Egg Carton Pumpkin Garland

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