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Halloween Bat Mobile

Looking for a super simple decoration this Halloween? Why not try making this bat mobile using black paper bats and a branch.


  • Black cardstock or paper
  • Scissors
  • Black thread
  • String
  • Sticky tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Tree branch
  • Cricut (optional)

Step 1

Let’s get batty. Cut some little bat friends from some black cardstock or paper. I used my Cricut to cut my bats using an image within the Cricut Design Space. But you could also download a printable template online or draw your own. My bats are 2 sizes, the larger one has a wing span of 14cm and the smaller one has a wing span of 8cm.

Step 2

Find a branch for your bats to hang from. I used a dead branch I found in my garden. I pruned the branch to remove any unwanted pieces.

Step 3

Tie some long pieces of black sewing thread to your branch. The longer the better, you can trim any excess off at the end of the project. I tied 5 pieces of thread to my branch.

Step 4

Add your bats. Using clear sticky tape, tape your bats to the thread. You can use a mix of small and large bats. I attatched 3 to 4 bats to each of my 5 threads. Trim any excess thread from below each of the bottom bats.

Once you have attached your bats to the threads, your branch will look similar to the one below.

Halloween Bat Mobile | A Few Small Adventures

Step 5

Attach bats to the branch. To attach my bats I used double sided tape, and simply pressed the bats firmly against the branch.

Halloween Bat Mobile | A Few Small Adventures

I hung my Halloween Bat Mobile above a Halloween book display in my library. To hang the mobile I tied a long piece of string to each end of the branch, approximately 5cm in from each end, and hung the string from a hook in the ceiling. Unfortunately it doesn’t look as good in the photos as it does in real life. I’m really happy with how this decoration turned out. It was fun to make and easy to do. My daughter has even made one for her bedroom.

Halloween Bat Mobile | A Few Small Adventures
Halloween Bat Mobile | A Few Small Adventures

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