Cardboard Tube Bunny | A Few Small Adventures
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Cardboard Tube Bunny

Looking for a fun craft to make with your little ones this Easter? Why not make a cardboard tube bunny. All you need is a cardboard tube and some colour paper.


  • Cardboard tube (toilet paper tube)
  • Colour paper
  • Grey lead pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch

Step 1

Cut your cardboard tube to your desired bunny height. I cut my toilet paper tube to a height of 7.5 cm.

Step 2

To make your body, place your cardboard tube on some colour paper, and mark out the length of the tube with a grey lead pencil. Roll the tube along the paper to ensure you have enough paper to go around the roll with a small overlap. Cut out the colour paper and glue to the cardboard tube.

Step 3

Let’s make our bunny’s some paws. To make the paws, cut 2 larger oval shapes in the same colour as your body. Cut 2 smaller ovals in a complimentary colour. My larger ovals are approximately 3.5 cm long, and my smaller ovals are 2.5 cm. The smaller ovals should fit inside the larger ovals. Cut 2 heart shapes for the pads on the paws and using a hold punch, punch 6 circles.

Step 4

Glue all your pieces together. Glue the smaller ovals onto the larger ovals, and glue the heart and circles onto the smaller ovals. Your bunny paws should look similar to the photo below.

Step 5

Glue your paws onto the bottom of your bunny’s body, leaving a small gap between the paws. I glued my paws at a slight angle.

Step 6

Now let’s make our bunny’s some ears. Cut 2 ear shapes from the same colour paper as your body. my ears were approximately 6.5 cm high. Cut 2 smaller ear shapes from pink paper, these smaller ears shapes will fit inside your first ear shapes. My smaller ear shapes are approximately 5 cm high.

Step 7

Glue your smaller ear shapes to your bigger ear shapes. Your bunny ears will look similar to the ones below.

Step 8

Glue your ears to your bunny’s body. Before I glued my ears, I bent the tips in slightly to give them a 3D effect. To glue your ears, glue the bottom section of the front of your ears, and attach them to the inside of your body.

Step 9

Make your bunny a face. Using a hole punch, punch 2 circles of colour paper to make the eyes. Using scissors, cut a small tree shape from colour paper, this will be your nose. You might like to draw the nose shape first before cutting it out.

Step 10

Glue your face to your bunny’s body. Your bunny will look similar to the one below.

Cardboard Tube Bunny | A Few Small Adventures

Step 11

Cut a small circle of colour paper to make your tail. Glue to the bottom back of your bunny. You might like to use a pom pom instead.

And you are finished! Don’t they look cute!

Looking to give them as a gift? Why not fill their tummies with small Easter eggs or jelly beans. Just tuck some tissue paper inside first, so the eggs don’t fall out the bottom.

Cardboard Tube Bunny | A Few Small Adventures
Cardboard Tube Bunny | A Few Small Adventures

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