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12 Picture Books For Back to School

Looking for some great picture books to read to your class or child for the first week back at school? These 12 pictures books are beautiful reminders of every child’s own unique qualities, their hopes and dreams and how to handle tricky situations at school and in everyday life. They encourage kindness and empathy and being true to yourself. They also highlight the importance of resilience, and trying again, and knowing that sometimes you will feel sad or worried, but there are strategies you can use to help. This collection of beautifully written and illustrated books are fantastic reads to help foster a caring class community.

The Little Book of Hopes by Elyse Shellie & Evie Barrow

An enchanting book expressing all the hopes and wishes parents have for their children. Celebrating kindness, resilience and empathy, this book is the perfect collection of dreams for the future.

Tilda Tries Again by Tom Percival

Tilda’s world is just as she likes it . . . until one day, it turns completely UPSIDE DOWN. All of a sudden, everything is topsy-turvy, and nothing feels right. Things that were once easy now seem incredibly challenging. Can Tilda discover a new way to approach her problems and believe in herself?

Bold, bright and empowering, this is an inspiring story about coping with difficult situations. It’s the ideal book for helping children to build resilience and embrace a ‘can do’ approach to life.

Freddy the Not-Teddy by Kristen Schroeder & Hilary Jean Tapper

Freddy is certainly not a Teddy, but that won’t stop him from being the star of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic in this inspiring story about inclusion, friendship and staying true to yourself.

Freddy is Jonah’s favourite stuffed toy, but no one knows quite what Freddy is – a funky duck, a peculiar platypus, a punk rock penguin? When Jonah’s teacher announces that they’re going to have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic, it seems that if Jonah wants to take Freddy, Freddy will have to go in disguise!

Everyday Wonders by Natala Graetz

Everyday Wonders is a collection of 15 fun and inspiring short stories about kind, brave, clever and curious everyday wonders like you and me! It features characters of all ages from all around the world.

This colourful children’s book celebrates the unique and everyday qualities that make us who we are – our quirks, hobbies and wonderfully unique personalities.

Everyday wonders are all around us – our neighbours, doctors, local beekeepers, car mechanics or favourite opera singers. You don’t need to be famous or a Nobel Prize winner to feel … and to be …important in this world.

The Little Things by Penny Harrison & Hannah Sommerville

The Little Things is a reassuring reminder that there is plenty in the world to make us smile and give us hope.

On days the sunshine stays away,
you wake up feeling sad and grey,
you’ll find the small things can delight –
those little things that feel just right.

The Little Things celebrates the joy and comfort to be found in life’s simple moments, whether it’s spitting cherry pips or bubbly baths on rainy nights. A rhyming text that calls on our senses and travels through the seasons, The Little Things is beautifully illustrated and invites readers to find solace and delight in the small but special moments of our everyday lives.

Lucy and Sad by Kitty Black and Jess Rose

When Lucy has a hard time making friends, she’s joined by someone new, Sad.

But Sad isn’t the company Lucy had hoped for. It feels like Sad will never leave, even when Lucy tries hiding, distraction and fast-running! But with the help of some flowers, cookies, a bedtime story and a big hug, Lucy can say goodbye for now to Sad and hello to someone new…

Max and Worry by KItty Black and Jess Rose

When Max has a hard time starting his maths work, he’s joined by someone new, Worry.

But Worry doesn’t give Max the help he needs. It feels like Worry will never leave, even when Max does what Worry tells him to! But with the help of some deep breaths and a vow to just try his best, Max can say goodbye for now to Worry, and hello to someone new…

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Words (Can Never) Hurt Me by Heath McKenzie

We all know that sticks and stones can hurt someone, but what about words? Whether it’s a comment about someone’s hairstyle or their smelly lunch, we’ve all had the experience of accidentally hurting someone’s feelings. It can be a tricky life lesson how to resolve this situation, and realising that changing your choice of words can make all the difference. Sometimes old sayings are worth questioning.

What to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do by Davina Bell and Hilary Jean Tapper

Another warm and whimsical guide to negotiating life’s little and big moments, What to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do focuses on situations outside a child’s home and domestic realm where they might feel unsure. It’s another gentle exploration of empathy, courage and confidence from award-winning and much-loved author Davina Bell and with beautiful, heartwarming illustrations by Hilary Jean Tapper.

Brain Is (Not) Always Right by Scott Stuart

Heart loves puppies, and chocolate, and rollercoasters, and dancing along to music. Brain likes lists, and broccoli, and safety rails, and wearing sensible clothing. But, most of all, Brain likes always being right. A thoughtful and heartwarming story about being true to yourself, by bestselling picture-book creator, Scott Stuart.

Blue Sky, Yellow Kite by Janet A. Holmes & Jonathan Bentley

Sometimes we want a thing so much we can’t prevent ourselves from taking it. But when a girl steals her friend’s beautiful yellow kite, she is swamped with turmoil. A story about desire, guilt and forgiveness. 

Pocket Treasure by Wendy Shurety & Juliana Oakley

A celebration of sharing, generosity, and all the ‘treasures’ that pre-schoolers like to collect! Allira ‘s favourite dress has pockets that are perfect for holding all her little treasures. There’s something in there for everyone! But when Allira needs to decorate her teacher’s birthday surprise, she finds her pockets are empty! Allira might have given all her treasures away, but she has good friends who can come to the rescue.

From Wenda Shurety and Juliana Oakley comes a sweet story about friendship, sharing and kindness.

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