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    Reindeer Headband Craft

    Looking for a fun craft to make with your little ones this Christmas? Why not try this cute reindeer headband? They look great and are super simple to make. All you need is the free printable template, and some colour paper or card. There is a colouring-in option too! To make our reindeer headband you will need the following craft supplies: Supplies Colour Paper Reindeer Headband Step 1 To make your reindeer headband, download and print the template on white paper. Step 2 Cut out the template, and trace around the pieces on colour paper or card. Card will have more strength and will support the antlers better than paper.…

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    Paper Plate Bunny Easter Bag

    Looking for a quick and easy craft to make with your kids this Easter? Why not try making this cute bunny bag using paper plates. To make your own bunny bag, you will need the following craft supplies: Supplies Step 1 To make your bunny bag you will need 2 paper plates. The back plate should be left whole and facing up. Step 2 The front plate will be the face of the bunny. Start with your plate face down, and cut the plate about 1/3 from the top. Step 3 Using felt tip pens or colour pencils, draw your bunny a face. Step 4 Glue your face plate to…

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    Tent Craft Inspired By “There’s No Such Thing”

    Are you looking for a fun craft to make with your children for Book Week? This tent craft was inspired by one of this year’s CBCA shortlisted Early Childhood books, “There’s No Such Thing,” written and illustrated by Heidi McKinnon. Bear can’t sleep. Did you hear that? Did you feel that? What was it? It wasn’t a hungry giant or a blood-sucking spider or a fire-breathing dragon because there is NO SUCH THING… Is there? In this heart warming and fun story, Bear and Teddy are camping. But Bear is worried about the things going bump in the night. Luckily, Teddy is there to reassure him, that everything is not as scary as it seems… Today…