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    Paper Plate Mummy

    Looking for a fun craft to make with your kids this Halloween? Why not try making this spooky paper plate mummy? All you need is a paper plate, strips of fabric, and some colour paper. They are super easy to make and look great too! Supplies Step 1 Make some bandages for your mummy, by cutting some white fabric into strips. My strips are 4 cm thick and I used 5 strips for this craft. You could also use some real bandages. Step 2 To make your mummy, take a white paper plate, bottom side up, and using a hole punch, punch holes on either side of his head, towards…

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    Paper Plate Bunny Easter Bag

    Looking for a quick and easy craft to make with your kids this Easter? Why not try making this cute bunny bag using paper plates. To make your own bunny bag, you will need the following craft supplies: Supplies Step 1 To make your bunny bag you will need 2 paper plates. The back plate should be left whole and facing up. Step 2 The front plate will be the face of the bunny. Start with your plate face down, and cut the plate about 1/3 from the top. Step 3 Using felt tip pens or colour pencils, draw your bunny a face. Step 4 Glue your face plate to…